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"Finally, a lottery platform that makes sense" Carl, Founder of Edenlotto.com
Introducing Insight Play

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Insight Play is your lottery platform in a box – everything your team needs to run a lottery business. Think of Insight Play like your favourite candy store, you can pick and choose what to take from our a la carte menu, with no hidden extra fees.

Introducing Insight Play, by Winners Group. A lottery white label platform offering everything from customer management, risk, product and insurance on a simple revenue share model.

Our approach is simple, you do what you do best, and we take care of the rest. We are licensed in the UK and Alderney offering access to most of the worlds biggest gaming markets. Out of the box, you get Real time segmentation tools for CRM, a Bonus
suite backed up by our drag and drop segmentation tools. The Insight web platform offers ecommerce style automated journeys personalised to the player as well as a multi- language, multi-currency easy to use template system.


“Do you have your own license, or an existing platform? If so, you probably want Insight Connect”
Partnerships That Make Sense.

Insight Play

check_circleIn-house platform and operational for 10+ years
check_circleLottery, Casino and Bingo Verticals Best in Class
check_circlePersonalised experiences for players – hundreds of web and CRM journeys tailored to the player

Marketing Expertise

check_circleWe aren’t just a software platform – we bring real acquisition and retention expertise to your business
check_circleData driven decisions in real-time
check_circleProven retention and cross sell strategies maximise player LTV

Partner, Not Supplier

check_circleUse our existing licenses from Alderney and the UK
check_circleIntegrate our team within your
business to drive strategy
check_circleNo more waiting for innovation – we work together to maximise
revenues and deliver excellent player experiences as standard

Lottery in a Nutshell

The largest gambling vertical in the world by miles – a $300bn market

How does it work?

check_circleWe match the prizes and draw rules of the official lottery
check_circleA bet is placed on behalf of the player with our insurance company
check_circleIf a player wins, small prizes are paid to the wallet, and larger prizes
are paid to the player directly by the insurance company

Why not sell tickets?

check_circleWe can, and sometimes we do! We have a worldwide network of ticket agents available for operators who choose that method. Sometimes, it also makes commercial sense to purchase tickets, such as with huge billion dollar jackpots. It’s all part of our risk management service.

A simplified way to launch in a $300bn market

check_circleTrusted and disruptive – check insurance validity online
check_circleGlobal – bet on all major worldwide lotteries, fully backed by a Lloyds of London Insurance policy
check_circleDaily – no more waiting, our lotteries take place almost every hour around the world

What is Lottery Betting?

Lottery Betting is where a player makes a bet on the outcome of an official lottery. The player has the same familiar experience, choosing numbers, play days and lucky dips.

Instead of buying a physical ticket (time consuming, expensive and has issues of trust), we place a bet with our insurers for the player for the large prizes, and either we or you pay the smaller prizes from the revenue generated.

Real-time Bonus & Promotions

Our drag and drop query builder in action – real-time segmentation responding to user behaviour and previous actions.

The first real bonus system in a lottery platform

Everything from free tickets, buy x get x free, discounts, deposit bonuses to wagering requirements is built right into Insight. Each bonus or promotion has a qualifying action, award and segment giving unseen control and flexibility. We have taken the principles of ecommerce (what consumers would expect) and paired it with the best of the bonus tools available in iGaming.
Our unique drag and drop segmentation and query builder is simple to use and infinitely powerful. Used everywhere from search, to segmentation and BI. Best of all, it is real-time, impressively quick and does not rely on lists so that users can move from segment to segment seamlessly based on their behaviour.
For Insight Play, we provide this all as standard.

An Experience Familiar to


• 32 lotteries, number selection & lucky dips

• For Syndicates, players can choose the number of shares and which syndicate to join!



• Purchases are confirmed instantly & sent directly to the insurers

• Player results are updated as soon as the draw takes place and winnings credited



• Direct payment to the player wallet

• Payments above €1m direct from the insurer to
the customer



• Players can choose to play once, subscribe or pre-play

• Achieve unparalleled retentions Netflix style

An Experience Familiar to

Now with more great ways to play!

Syndicates offer great value to players (usually 49 chances to win per week for around €5) and up to 70% gross profit for the operator.

Single Tickets offer an improved experience in which players take home all their winnings for any one of our 32 worldwide lotteries.

A simple, flexible and modular approach to a gambling platform.

Insight Play at a Glance

HTML5 Website

Flexible Content Management

Fully Configurable Websites

SEO and Social Controls

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Segmentation & Personalisation

A/B & Multi-Variate Testing

Responsive or Adaptive Design

Mobile & Tablet

Native (Hybrid) Application

iOS & Android Compatible

Player Account Management

Player Segmentation Search Tool

Export & Reporting Capabilities

Full RG controls

Intuitive Administration

Full Audit Trail


Multi-Jurisdiction Control

Full KYC Capabilities

Brand and Player Level Controls

Compliant with EU AML Regulations

Rules Engine for Managing Risk & Fraud

Fully Editable RG Controls


Multiple Payment Gateways & Aggregators

A Cashier with integrated A/B and routing tools

Full Integration between Cashier and Wallet

Vast Instrument Data Capture

Intelligent Routing and Automatic Localisation

Bonus & Promotions

Industry Leading Real Time Bonus Engine

Industry Leading Player Segmentation Tool

Pre and Post Wager Bonus

Cash, Product and Ticket Bonus Awards

Wagering Requirements and Co-Efficients

API for Real-Time Player Action Triggers


Industry Leading Real Time Segmentation

Real Time Event Triggers

Progressive Jackpot Entry

Choice of Integrations – use ours, or bring your own

Integration for Email, Push and SMS

Inbound Email handling

Reporting & BI

Industry leading drag and drop query tools

Dashboards Configurable Per User

Scheduled and Real Time Reporting

External Integrations for Modelling

Data Warehouse Facilities